Dec, 11-17, 2022

New internal structure for content & new blog layout. Multiple Webflow snippets added. Sitemaps generated using next-sitemap and submitted to Google Search Console. This causes indexing for new pages to be way less than 24 hours, amazing.

Dec, 10, 2022

Working on rewriting and publishing previously written articles and designed components.

Dec, 7, 2022

Working on on-page SEO.

Dec, 5, 2022

Code refactoring done. Beautiful.

Dec, 1, 2022

Refactored the codebase of Waveshape to make it more readable and more modular in terms of components.

Nov, 27, 2022

The instagram got a face lift.

Nov, 22, 2022

All components have been updated to make use of the new Waveshape component development structure. All components have also been redesigned and improved by a whole lot.

Nov, 20, 2022

New version of Waveshape deployed. This version is built in the React framework Next.js, making use of static site generation in order to improve both performance and security. Content is written in Markdown. All components are served as static JSON files, directly placed inside a user's clipboard.